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Dear Marketer,
My name is Moise Colin and I have been
working online for over 3

I treat my list with respect and know how to communicate in a way that gets my clients results. My leads are already WARMED and PRE-QUALIFIED from paid sources only,
READY TO BUY your products online and join your business opportunity.

Reason why my clients are coming back every month for more is because you will get traffic from my "Opt-In List" with BUYERS INCLUDED to your offer!

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are considered the best affordable traffic source. Just like PPC, you pay for each click, but these ads are not endorsed on a website. The solo ads are sent as emails to promote your products, services, and other things you are selling. Solo ads might seem like PPC ads, but these are quite different advertisements chosen because they are super targeted with a highly-responsive list of buyers.
In simple words, Solo ads are email-based advertisements. You need to purchase these ads from a reliable email list owner. You can buy these ads and then send them as dedicated emails to promote your products. The whole email will be about your promotion and no other content.
Here you can find email lists in your niche, and then you can contact us to buy and access the email list in your niche. Now you can select how many subscribers you want to send a message or how many clicks you want on your ads.
Solo ads work well as you get more viewers clicking and taking an interest in your promotions. Solo ads promise a higher conversion rate than other expensive marketing techniques. You can get an impressive conversion rate at low-cost when you promote goods and services. That’s why solo ads are quite popular nowadays.

Ready to Get Started?

Terms of Service - Please Read 

1.    Your offer must not be deceiving in any way, shape or form.
2.    I Reserve the right to cancel and refund any solo ad that I deem inappropriate to be sent to my list.
3.    I Reserve the right to send your ad earlier than date scheduled (unless specifically requested not to do so).
4.    I Reserve the right to amend/re-write your ad copy.
5.    Downloads/Free offers must be easy to access.
6.    All sales are final and there are NO refunds for this service. If you have any doubts about this service do not purchase it.














1) I treat my list with respect and know how to communicate in a way that gets my
clients results.

2) High Percentage Tier 1 traffic (minimum 85% or 100% guaranteed!!!)

3) Traffic is Delivered Within Usually +/-72 hours with 10% - 15% Over-delivery Guarantee

4) My leads are already warmed and hungry to buy products and join business
opportunities in Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, Multi Level Marketing Niches, Biz Opp, Crypto...

5) I always deliver traffic on time! Important for marketers, product creators who
promote product launches on Warrior Plus, ClickBank and JVZoo marketplace and crush it on leaderboards (win the prize).

6) All traffic is highly targeted and pre-qualified from only paid sources like solo ads,
 PPC campaigns, and product launches.

7) You’ll get a tracking link. I suggest you also use your tracking methods. 


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